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Mar 18, 2016

The guys stumble onto their new band name this week before they talk about Evan’s vacation to LA, which involved lots of decadent eating. After a Garfield tangent, Evan and Kris ponder why so many people seem to get shot in the back during THE DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT – Part 1, a story they didn’t realize would be told in two parts. Kris then describes how Jeff Daniels is like his character in THE MARTIAN only evil, and about why he’s “one of those bad guys who has an adjective.” With all the film’s issues, Evan shares why he still prefers the series to THE HUNGER GAMES. Following a tangent about westerns, specifically YOUNG GUNS, the episode transitions into Dave and Evan discussing another 80s movie: WORKING GIRL. Evan has no idea how much Dave loves the film, and is totally unprepared for how well Dave can quote it. The two of them enjoy spoilerpiecing it for Kris with talk about Harrison Ford’s grimace, its memorable lines, and its portrayal of workplace politics.