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Feb 26, 2016

This week the guys give you the lowdown on their recording equipment, before Kris shares why the atrocious GODS OF EGYPT left him feeling rattled. Part of it has to do with its 120 minutes of confusing plot and Gerard Butler's mysterious decision to use his Scottish accent. The whole experience left Kris too depressed to chide a fellow theatergoer for using his phone during the picture, so he decides to pass the mic. Next Dave and Evan review TRIPLE 9, a movie that with lots of good killin' and great action. Kate Winslet does a terrible Russian accent, the film is overstuffed with plot, and goes along too long, but Woody Harrelson is amazing, even if he could play his role in his sleep. Finally, the guys fulfill their promise from last episode of revisiting Tim Burton's BATMAN. Dave and Evan go over the massive plot holes, continuity errors, and other various things that bother them from their most recent viewing, although they do take some time to talk about what they still love about the movie in spite of those shortcomings.