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Feb 12, 2016

This week Kris starts out by asking Dave an important question about how he intends to handle swearing around Baby Henry as he gets closer to actually understanding bad words. Then Evan laments how bad comedy sequels are when he discusses ZOOLANDER 2. The movie’s jokes about millennials suck and it has dumb mythology, but as a great Kiefer Sutherland, which leads to a Kiefer tangent before Kris and Evan tackle DEADPOOL. Friend of the podcast Sam Cohen didn’t care for it, so Evan and Kris start their review of this very funny fourth-wall breaking comic book film by addressing Sam’s issues. Following a GAME OF THRONES tangent, Kris spoilerpieces THE CANAL, an excellent Irish horror flick that he says is creepy, scary, and keeps you guessing. Evan wraps up by talking about horror as well with SOUTHBOUND, a horror anthology that’s freaky, well-put together, and very cohesive. And in case you missed it in the last episode, we are now on Stitcher, so be sure to subscribe to us there if you don’t have iTunes!