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Feb 5, 2016

Illness strikes and claims Dave yet again, although thankfully frequent guest Dede Crimmins is able to fill in. After discussing workout motivation with the guys, she and Kris talk about the new Coen Brothers movie HAIL, CAESAR! Both she and Kris say it’s delight with a lot of plot, but not a lot of story. They talk about how funny it is by summing up its bawdy humor and by comparing Josh Brolin’s character to Liz Lemon. This inevitably leads to comparisons between the film and other pictures by the Coens, and at least one good band name. Following a brief diversion into 2016’s horror slate where Dede recommends THE BOY (seriously—go see it), everyone tackles PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES. Kris thinks it’s a pile of shit where Seth Grahame-Smith did a CTRL+F to replace words with zombies and is annoyed by its pandering, however Dede and Evan don’t think it’s that bad. Everyone can agree though that the zombies aren’t scary, rules about them aren’t established, and it doesn’t effectively blend Jane Austen’s novel with zombies. With the small amount of remaining time, the gang diverges into a tangent on some of their favorite TV.