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May 29, 2015

Longtime listener Sean Burns joins Kris and Evan as the special guest on this week’s episode! The guys talk about remakes like POINT BREAK and why one particular remake made Sean wish he was fired earlier from a gig. Kris leads things off by describing how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fights the elements in the disaster flick SAN ANDREAS, a movie which quintuples down on bad science and plot. Then Sean spoils the trippy biopic SAINT LAURENT aka “the gay DOORS.” He couldn’t get enough of its sex, drugs, and fashion. To round out the show Evan and Sean spill the beans on the Michael Fassbender western SLOW WEST. Bon Jovi references, tales of an epic last half hour, and comparisons to both pizza and sex feature prominently in this segment before Sean and Kris do some last-minute griping about ME, EARL, and THE DYING GIRL.