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Jul 29, 2022

This week we have two movies on the docket that we have some VERY strong opinions about. First, we cover Anita Rocha da Silveira's MEDUSA (1:57), a compelling neon-soaked feminist allegory about a militant young religious woman who experiences a world-shattering crisis of faith. It's hard to describe succinctly, but the extended summary on IMDb does a good job. Next, we review Quinn Shephard's NOT OKAY (25:56), a satire about a self-involved young woman (Zoey Deutch) who gains followers and fame by posing as the survivor of a terrorist attack, but experiences a spectacular fall from grace when her secret is discovered. Spoiler: It's a film that deeply divided us. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our 1984 movie poll: Wolfgang Peterson's fantasy epic THE NEVERENDING STORY