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Oct 29, 2021

Praise be that film festivals are back! To kick things off, Megan talks about IFFBoston's Fall Focus, and her experiences watching SPENCER (2:03), BELFAST (6:12), HAPPENING (8:32), and MEMORIA (10:31). Evan joins her to talk about PETITE MAMAN (14:21) and THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD (20:52). Then Evan (with an assist from Megan) takes everyone through Shudder's HORROR NOIRE (30:25), an anthology film with six horror stories from Black directors and screenwriters. Lastly, Dave and Evan review the 4K restoration of Wendell B. Harris Jr.'s CHAMELEON STREET (44:13), which won the 1990 Sundance Grand Jury Prize and has been hard to find since. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we feature the monthly poll winner - we asked you to choose from FRANKENSTEIN films and the winner is THE BRIDE, starring Sting and Jennifer Beals. We had a blast talking about it, so check it out and consider becoming a patron!