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Feb 14, 2020

Hanging chads, pepperoni, and things swingin’ are big topics of conversation this week. Plus, we have lots of movies. Megan talks about PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE (4:18), which is FINALLY coming out in the U.S. Then Evan spills the beans about the Boston Israeli Film Festival and the documentary BREAKING BREAD (15:50), the dark comedy FORGIVENESS (19:28), starring what Evan calls Israel’s Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, the documentary I WAS NOT BORN A MISTAKE (23:50), about an orthodox trans woman, and the dark comedy BORN IN JERUSALEM AND STILL ALIVE (31:00). Then it’s the Boston SciFi Film Festival, with PROXIMA (38:06) leading off the discussion, followed by THE LONG WALK (47:48), a horror/sci-fi movie featuring an older man and a ghost who helps him to travel through time, and the fallout that results from it. Finally it's AFTER WE LEAVE (55:10), a dystopian future flick that has some good elements and not so good elements