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May 20, 2016

Evan’s late discovery of a Hall & Oates hotline (719-26-Oates) inspires him and Dave to sing some of the duo’s biggest hits at the start of this week’s episode. Once they get that out of their system, Kris takes over for the latest installment of “Keepin’ up with the Jensons,” where he actually defends APOCALYPTO, describes why he didn’t hate X-MEN: APOCALYPSE as much as Bob, and reveals how A FIELD IN ENGLAND prepared him for HIGH-RISE’s use of overt metaphor. After they’re all caught up with Kris, Evan spoilerpieces NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING (at 18:34) by sharing how this well-paced comedy surprisingly tackles racism and sexism between its outrageous pranks and raunchy jokes. Then everyone reviews THE NICE GUYS (at 36:16) by talking about how similar it is to other Shane Black movies like THE LAST BOY SCOUT. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe have excellent chemistry and can both be quite funny in it, although it’s a lot of missed opportunities. As Kris says, "Plenty to like, just nothing really to love." Lastly, tune in at 50:18 to find out why past guest Sam Cohen is wrong, and at 56:52 for Kris’s very brief review of Jodie Foster’s MONEY MONSTER.