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May 6, 2016

Since Dave can’t make it, guest Sam Cohen joins the guys this week to share a traumatic experience he had while camping. Then he and Kris talk about the films they saw at this year’s IFFBoston, which just wrapped up. They start by discussing THE INTERVENTION, an exceptionally funny film that’s predictable, but great to watch because of how it deals with messy emotions. Soon after, they each reveal their top and bottom picks from the festival: THE ALCHEMIST COOKBOOK, ALWAYS SHINE, BLACK COAT’S DAUGHTER, WEINER, and THE HOLLARS. Following their quick-hit reviews, Evan and Sam spoilerpiece THE INVITATION, a well-directed thriller without much substance in the middle. Kris and Evan close up by spoiling CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR with a review that sounds negative even though they both enjoyed the movie.