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Apr 22, 2016

Garfield the cat is a beloved character for some, but not for Dave, as you’ll discover in this week’s episode. He has a bone to pick with Garfield's creator Jim Davis before the show gets underway. After that, the first film on tap is Jeremy Saulnier’s GREEN ROOM, a fucking intense movie about a punk band fighting a group of white supremacists led by Patrick Stewart?! Although Evan is the only one who has seen it, he manages to spoilerpiece Dave and Kris into wanting to watch it ASAP. In discussing this horrifically violent film, the guys diverge into a tangent about other brutal pictures like A SERBIAN FILM, UNFORGIVEN, and brutally long movies like HEAVEN’S GATE. When they get back on track for the week’s second movie, Dave talks about ENTOURAGE, something he watched out of morbid curiosity. Dave shares why it’s a terrible, terrible movie with the dumbest plot he has ever heard in his life. The whole thing has such an effect on him that he even devolves into talking like the guys in the movie. No worries though, the effect isn’t permanent.