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Nov 6, 2020

After a plug for The Boston Jewish Film Festival, the episode starts with Nightstream, a collaborative event put on in part by The Boston Underground Film Festival. We talk LUCKY (5:16), PELICAN BLOOD (6:34), DARKNESS (9:00), and BLACK BEAR (11:08). Then it's films everyone saw at IFFBoston's Fall Focus this year. We talk NIGHT OF THE KINGS (15:38), MLK/FBI (18:49), ZAPPA (23:01), MINARI (31:57), FAREWELL AMOR (36:31), FREELAND (39:26), UNDINE (42:05), LITTLE FISH (45:03), and SOUND OF METAL (52:44). In our Patreon bonus audio this week we discuss a Patron's choice, Frank Gwo's 2019 sci-fi action flick THE WANDERING EARTH.