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May 8, 2020

Another week housebound, another week streaming! First up it’s HOW TO BUILD A GIRL (3:05), the Beanie Feldstein-starring coming-of-age tale about a young woman who’s trying to find herself amid shady parents, asshole colleagues, and her own bad decisions. Then it’s SPACESHIP EARTH (23:20) a documentary that is NOT about EPCOT Center or Buckminster Fuller (or Steve Bannon, though he makes an appearance), but about the are-they-wackos who designed and lived in Biosphere 2. Finally, it’s more coming-of-age with Alice Wu’s THE HALF OF IT (41:34)! This movie stands out for its Cyrano-de-Bergerac-with-a-queer-twist plot that met with three different opinions from Evan, Megan, and Dave. Over on Patreon, we talk about REC, the 2007 horror movie that feels waaaaaaay too timely.