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Apr 10, 2020

It’s episode 300 on Spoilerpiece this week! And it’s a wacky week: The coronavirus pandemic continues to turn American and international life into something almost unrecognizable. With that in mind, we’re still social distancing and going through the streaming services to find the good stuff. And we have a special guest! Shauna Harris, an attorney (and Evan’s co-host in life), joins the gang this week. The first movie on the docket is THE OTHER LAMB (4:47), a story about an all-female cult and the lone man who leads it. Next is the entirely different (from THE OTHER LAMB) SAINT FRANCES (15:21), a comedy/drama about a woman who lands a job nannying the Frances of the title. NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS (33:48), a movie that will likely end up on some top ten lists, depicts a young woman forced to travel to New York to seek an abortion. And lastly, everyone watched Netflix’s HOW TO FIX A DRUG SCANDAL (46:40). The multi-episode limited series depicts the aforementioned scandal, which took place right here in Massachusetts, and the fallout that resulted. Shauna, who has direct experience as a lawyer with the case, lends her insight. We’re recording remotely again, so please forgive weirdo echoes and dropouts, especially when Dave drops out at about 1:15:25. Stay safe, folks. On the Patreon exclusive we talk about John Sayles’ THE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET.