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Mar 27, 2020

Welcome back to Coronapiece Theatre, everyone! Megan, Evan, and Dave are still sheltering in place so it's more streaming flicks! And there are lots of flicks to stream. This week the gang talks JEZEBEL (2:58), a story about - among other things - sex work; BLOOD ON HER NAME (10:35), a tale of what NOT to do when you're committing murder; CONTAGION (19:45), Steven Soderbergh's way-too-prescient bio-horror procedural about a virus that wipes out a whole lotta people; and THE PLATFORM (40:45), one of the most popular movies on Netflix this week. Does this prison flick deserve its place among the popular? The opinions vary! And on our Patreon exclusive, we talk EVE'S BAYOU, director Kasi Lemmons' debut feature.