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Oct 12, 2018

First things first: Congratulations to Dave and Joan on the birth of their son Teddy! Guest Kristen Halbert sits in for Dave this week, and thankfully Kris and Evan have their own microphones this time. After they all have a good laugh about the technical difficulties during Kristen’s last visit, Kris leads off with JOLLY FELLOWS (3:10), an absurdly joyful Russian film from the 30s. Then Kristen covers THE OATH (8:55) a social satire from Ike Barinholtz that attempts to emulate GET OUT, but ends up more like SCARY MOVIE 4. Next Kris reviews FIRST MAN (15:20), the Damien Chazelle drama about Neil Armstrong that inspires him to make space puns left, right, and center. Lastly, everyone discusses THE HATE U GIVE (29:38), a gripping, layered drama that tactfully tackles issues of race, class, and police brutality through one brave young woman’s experience.