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Aug 24, 2018

This week on Spoilerpiece Theatre: All the way from Ireland, we thank listener and friend of the show Rory for his takes on ANT MAN & THE WASP (4:15) and CABIN IN THE WOODS (5:35)! (If you want our take on a film you saw, listen to the end of the show for the best way to reach us!) From there, it's Crewind with the bold, stylish, and heart-wrenching BOYZ N THE HOOD (8:57). Then, Dave runs us through what makes Steve McQueen in PAPILLON (1973) (20:35) worth a revisit. Closing out the show, Kris recaps THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST (36:10), a movie about one of the worst abominations against developing minds that continues to be legal: so-called "gay conversion therapy."