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Aug 17, 2018

Aerosmith has a Las Vegas residency and the guys have thoughts about it before they brainstorm more old-man-injury-themed bands. Evan opens with a Crewind where he recaps his epic double feature of MENACE II SOCIETY and CITY OF GOD (3:12), two excellent movies that make similar statements about the cyclical nature of poverty, crime and corruption. Then Kris takes over to discuss ALPHA (11:18), a film about the first human/canine companionship that he really wishes was better. Next Dave reviews CRAZY RICH ASIANS (26:11), a romantic comedy that largely fits the genre mold aside from the fact that the whole cast is Asian and the male lead is boring. After that Evan quickly covers NEVER GOIN’ BACK and SKATE KITCHEN (39:55), two films written and directed by women (yay) about high school girls cutting loose. Last, and certainly least, Dave and Kris wrap up with MILE 22 (44:47), the choppily edited Mark Walhberg/Peter Berg vehicle that’s too timid to identify the countries it maligns.