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Aug 25, 2017

It’s late August at Spoilerpiece! Hells yeah! Even though it’s the g.d. dog days of summer and there’s jack in the way of new releases, we did a new episode and we even found a new movie! Yay! But first, we step into RIEDEL’S RECAPS. Dave takes on the Monkees in HEAD (2:56) and then Edward Zwick’s GLORY (7:15), which spends a lot of time with the white cast members even though it’s about the first black soldiers fighting in the American Civil War. Evan takes over for an installment of CREWIND, featuring his take on the 2005 version of Mel Brooks’ THE PRODUCERS (11:00). We get to a new release with KRIS spoilerpiecing SOME FREAKS (17:25), which is On Demand right now. (Demand it!) Evan and Dave then get into Steven Soderbergh’s feature film return, the glorious LOGAN LUCKY (37:15), which they enjoyed the hell out of. Finally, Kris and Dave hit up AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL: TRUTH TO POWER (51:24), which is a movie.