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Apr 28, 2017

Hi everyone! This week there were some major releases, but none of them screened for critics…like, for real. So none of us saw THE CIRCLE or HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER, and honestly, we’re probably all better off. But we didn’t just sit around with our thumbs up our wazoos. Dave watched all 10 episodes of the Amazon series BOSCH (5:45), Kris saw the new Anne Hathaway/Jason Sudeikis movie COLOSSAL (26:45), and Evan saw most of the Netflix series 13 REASONS WHY (51:30). At 17:49, Kris and Dave go off on a major GOLDEN GIRLS tangent. And words of warning: We had some serious audio problems while recording this episode and you’ll hear some white noise fading in and out of the background starting at about the 35:00 mark (I didn’t write down the exact spot, so that’s a guess). We’re working on getting new recording equipment, so hopefully these audio glitches will soon be a thing of that past, yo. Peace!