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Mar 3, 2017

Dave had to look after Baby Henry, so BOFCA critic Greg Vellante joins Evan and Kris for this week’s episode. After a brief game of “Get to Know Your Guest Host,” Greg leads off with BEFORE I FALL (at 7:30), the teenybopper version of GROUNDHOG DAY, which he finds forgettable despite its heart. Next Kris discusses TABLE 19 (15:04), a wedding comedy about nothing in particular that he dubs “stay together porn” for its terrible plot involving couples staying together that shouldn’t. After that, Evan and Greg rave about MY LIFE AS A ZUCCHINI (at 29:42), the touching Oscar-nominated animated film about a group of orphans who form a family. Finally, Greg fully loses his Spoilerpiece virginity by spoiling the heck out of LOGAN (at 42:06), the Wolverine movie that he describes as entertaining, unexpectedly moving, and extremely violent.